Mr. Hay to Mr. Draper.

No. 344.]

Sir: Referring to your No. 301, of the 11th of October last, I inclose for your information copy of the Department’s No. 29, of the 15th ultimo, to our consul-general at Rome directing the system of consular inspection of emigrants, instituted at Naples, to be carried on without charge, save for actual expenses incurred, and to be extended to Genoa and other Italian ports.

I am, etc,

John Hay.
[Inclosure in No. 344.]

Mr. Cridler to Mr. de Castro.

No. 29.]

Sir: Referring to your No. 20, of October 29 last, relative to certain instructions issued by you to our consul at Naples in regard to the inspection of emigrants, etc., you are informed that you have in part misapprehended the meaning of the Department’s instruction to you, No. 25, of October 4 last.

The policy of the Department is that no charge whatever should be made by the consul or anyone connected with the consulate in connection with the inspection of emigrants and the dispatching of vessels, except as authorized in the “Tariff of United States consular fees.”

You will therefore withdraw that portion of your instruction to the consul at Naples, permitting the vice-consul to accept from the steamship company a sum of 60 lire in each instance. You are also informed that the consul or, if he prefers, the vice-consul acting as his representative, should attend these inspections. If the vice-consul act it must be as the representative of the consul, not as “official inspector,” no such title being recognized by the Department. In case the services of the vice-consul are not available the consul may designate some other employee of the consulate to attend to the work, but it should be [Page 424]some person in whose reliability he has confidence, and for whom he is willing to assume responsibility. Expenses actually and necessarily incurred in going to or returning from vessels may of course be paid by the steamship company.

With these modifications your instructions of October 22 last to our consul at Naples are approved.

You are directed to similarly instruct our consuls at Genoa and other ports in Italy.

I am, etc.,

Thos. W. Cridler,
Third Assistant Secretary.