Mr. Sherman to Mr. White.

No. 346.]

Sir: Referring to the correspondence, telegraphic and otherwise, had with you on the subject of the recent prohibitive measures adopted by Germany against the importation of American fruit, I have to inclose for your information copy of a note from the German embassy, dated the 4th instant, transmitting a memorandum setting forth the reasons for the adoption of such measures; also copy of the Department’s acknowledgement of this date.

A report has been made to the Senate communicating copy of the entire correspondence, in answer to a resolution requesting information. As soon as this report is printed copies will be sent to you.

The Department is gratified at the timely and effective representations made by you to the imperial foreign office to secure the relief of legitimate American trade from injurious restrictions, and trusts that you will continue to make all practicable efforts in this direction in order that no injustice shall be suffered by our exporters.

Respectfully, yours,

John Sherman.