Mr. White to Mr. Sherman.


Text of decree follows: In order to prevent the introduction of the San Jose schildlaus (Aspidiotus perniciosus) in the importation of live plants and waste of live plants (Pflanzenabfälle) from America; furthermore, the barrels, boxes, and other receptacles which have served for the incasing or storing of goods of this character or of waste (Abfälle) are for the present prohibited. The above also applies to shipments of fresh fruit and skins and cores of fresh fruit (Obstabfälle) coming from America, as well as to the material which has been used in packing the same, whenever on examination the existence of the San José schildlaus is established in the goods or in the material used for packing them. The prohibition does not apply to goods or articles of the aforesaid nature which arrive per ship and are not removed from the ship. The imperial chancellor is authorized to make exceptions to this prohibition and to give directions in regard to the necessary precautionary measures. The decree goes into effect upon its publication, probably this evening.