Mr. White to Mr. Sherman.


Your instructions cabled February 3 anticipated; have made earnest representations at foreign office; original order already mitigated; all dried fruit released; all fresh fruit in stock again allowed to be sold; am hoping speedy release of fresh fruit under assurances from foreign office. Original order was sent by Prussian finance minister to customs authorities, who acted with overzeal. Imperial council has since passed decree prohibiting all fruit infected with scale insects, also all living trees, plants, fruit waste, skins, etc., such as are exported for making jelly, etc., also packing materials commonly used in packing trees, plants, and fruits. Exact official te t not published, as decree is not yet signed. Will cable it earliest moment possible. Insect referred to is San Jose scale. Foreign office insists on good faith of the new regulations and that they are prompted entirely by desire to keep out insect pest and not to exclude competition. He refers to Cockerell’s Technical Series 6 and Howard Bulletin 3, new series, United States Department of Agriculture, 1897, and cites drastic laws of Oregon and British Columbia against same pest.