Mr. Conger to Mr. Day.

No. 49.]

Sir: I have the honor to confirm, on the overleaf, my telegram of yesterday, and to inclose a copy of the imperial decree upon which it was based.

E. H. Conger.
[Inclosure in No. 49.]

Translation of a decree published in the Peking Gazette, September 21, 1898.

At the present time many difficult national questions are waiting to be settled. Night and day we have labored diligently and cautiously managing these multitudinous affairs, and even when at leisure have taken great pains to avoid making any mistake.

[Page 219]

In looking back, we find that since the time of the Emperor Tung Chih, the Empress Dowager has, upon two occasions, conducted the affairs of the Government most excellently. Therefore, reflecting upon the importance and dignity of our country, we have very earnestly besought the Empress Dowager to compassionately assist us in the administration of the Government and to condescend to our request. This would be for the happiness of all the officials and people of the Empire.

Beginning with to-day, the administration of the Government will be carried on in a side hall. On the 8th of this moon (September 23) the princes and ministers will follow us into the Ch’in Cheng Hall, where the proper ceremonials will be observed, the various Yamêns which have control of these ceremonials having been instructed to make due preparation.