Mr. Rengifo to Mr. Day.


Honorable Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to acknowledge the reception of your courteous note dated the 15th instant, by which you were pleased, with reference to the blockade by the United States of various ports of Cuba, the port of San Juan, island of Puerto Rico, as well as respecting any other ports that may be blockaded by the United States during the course of the present war with Spain, to submit the rules that it would be desirable to have observed by neutral war vessels on entering or leaving said ports, and with especial regard to the port “of Habana the course that is to be followed, on arrival and departure, by the said war vessels.

I take pleasure in saying to you that I have transmitted the aforesaid suggestions to my Government for such effects as may follow.

With sentiments of the highest and most distinguished consideration, etc.

Julio Rengifo,
Chargé d’Affaires ad interim.