Mr. Carbo to Mr. Sherman.

Mr. Minister: This legation having been informed of the terrible catastrophe which has occurred at Habana owing to the destruction, by an explosion, of the American war vessel Maine, and of the consequent loss of so many valuable lives that were devoted to the service and defense of their country, the undersigned presents to the American Government and people, through you, an expression of the deepest and most sincere sympathy on account of this irreparable disaster, which has filled the entire world with horror.

Ecuador, being a loyal friend of the United States of America, can not do otherwise than be among the first to deplore this unfortunate occurrence, and I therefore beg you to inform the President of the Republic that both the President of Ecuador and the Ecuadorian people join with all their hearts in this official expression of condolence, for they consider this lamentable occurrence as a veritable family misfortune to the nations of this hemisphere.

With sentiments of high consideration, etc.,

L. F. Carbo.