Mr. Woodford to Mr. Sherman.

No. 142.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that I have to-day telegraphed you as follows:

Madrid, February 16, 1898.

Secretary Sherman, Washington:

Spanish minister of colonies sends me copies of telegrams from Habana giving sad news of loss of U. S. S. Maine, with expressions of sincere sympathy by the Spanish Government. Rear-Admiral Camara, of Spanish navy, has just called from Spanish minister of marine to express like sympathy of Spanish navy.


I have acknowledged Señor Moret’s courtesy in a note of which I inclose copy. To-morrow I will call upon the Spanish minister of marine, accompanied by the naval and military attachés of this legation, to thank him for the prompt expression of sympathy by the Spanish navy.

I am, etc.,

Stewart L. Woodford.