Mr. Sherman to Sir Julian Pauncefote.

No. 613.]

Excellency: Adverting to the Department’s note of December 16 last, in regard to the proposed adoption of amended regulations for pelagic sealing in Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, particularly as to those concerning the inspection of skins and the use of firearms, and to your note of the 16th of January last, stating that the proposed regulations in so far as the same relate to the inspection of skins can not be made compulsory without legislation by the Canadian Parliament, I have the honor, in view of the near approach of the opening of the sealing season, to recall your attention to Mr. Olney’s note of January 23 last, asking to be informed of the date when the Canadian Government would take action in regard to the question of the inspection of seal skins.

The urgency of this matter must be apparent to Her Majesty’s Government, for which reason I trust that you will do all that lies in your power to expedite a reply upon this subject.

I have, etc.,

John Sherman.