Sir Julian Pauncefote to Mr. Olney.

Sir: In your note No. 557, of the 10th ultimo, concerning the regulation of pelagic sealing in Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, you observed that the suspension of the discussion left two unsettled questions pending: First, as to permitting seal skins landed at British ports to be examined by American inspectors for the purpose of determining their sex and whether or not such skins have been shot in violation of the Paris award and the British law; and, second, the proposal for amending the regulations on the subject of the use of firearms by pelagic sealers.

I have the honor to state that I communicated a copy of your note to my Government, and that I have been instructed by the Marquis of Salisbury to explain in reply thereto that the compulsory examination of skins by experts on landing at British ports would require legislation [Page 261]in Canada, and that until the views of the Canadian Government have been received Her Majesty’s Government can not go beyond the offer made in Viscount Gough’s note to Mr. Rockhill of September 21, 1896.

I have, etc.,

Julian Pauncefote.