Mr. Shannon to Mr. Foster.

No. 279.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 270 of the 3d instant relative to the final settlement of the Myers case, I have the honor herewith to inclose a copy of my note of the 8th instant, replying to the last note upon the subject received from his excellency the minister for foreign affairs of Salvador, a copy of which was inclosed with my No. 270.

So soon as the draft for the money has been received, it will be forwarded to the Department by the first opportunity.

I have, etc.,

Richard Cutts Shannon
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[Inclosure in No. 279.]

Mr. Shannon to Señor Morales.

Mr. Minister: I take the first opportunity that offers upon my arrival at this capital to acknowledge receipt of the courteous note of your excellency, of the 3d instant, which your excellency was good enough personally to hand to me on the eve of my departure from Santa Tecla for Acnjutla.

In this note your excellency confirms the statement I had made of our joint agreement for the final settlement of the Myers case; sets forth the views of the Government of Salvador regarding the matter, and requests me to communicate the same to my Government.

In reply, I beg to assure your excellency that copies of all the correspondence we have exchanged upon this subject will be promptly forwarded to my Government; and it will be a pleasure for me to add that in our several conferences, held for the discussion of this question, I was always met by your excellency in the most cordial and friendly spirit.

The result can only be regarded as a new proof of the sincere desire, not only of your excellency’s Government, but of my own as well, to preserve and develop those relations of friendship and respect that should ever exist between two sister republics.

With renewed assurances of esteem and consideration,

I have, etc.,

Richard Cutts Shannon.