No. 4.
Mr. Bayard to Sir L. S. Sackville West.

Sir: The delay in my reply to your letters of September 27 and October 21, asking for the information in my possession concerning the seizure by the United States revenue-cutter Corwin, in the Bering Sea, of British vessels, for an alleged violation of the laws of the United States in relation to the Alaskan seal fisheries, has been caused by my waiting to receive from the Treasury Department the information you desired. I tender the fact in apology for the delay and as the reason for my silence, and, repeating what I said verbally to you in our conversation this morning, I am still awaiting full and authentic reports of the judicial trial and judgment in the cases of the seizures referred to.

[Page 1749]

My application to my colleague, the Attorney-General, to procure an authentic report of these proceedings was promptly made, and the delay in furnishing the report doubtless has arisen from the remoteness of the place of trial.

So soon as I am enabled I will convey to you the facts as ascertained in the trial and the rulings of Jaw as applied by the court.

I take leave also to acknowledge your communication of the 21st of October, informing me that you had been instructed by the Earl of Iddesleigh, Her Majesty’s principal secretary of state for foreign affairs, to protest against the seizure of the vessels above referred to, and to reserve all rights of compensation.

All of which shall receive respectful consideration.

I have, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.