No. 1049.
Mr. Frey to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: The undersigned, minister of the Swiss Confederation, has the honor, in pursuance of instructions received from his Government, herewith to transmit to you the inclosed note, and he avails, etc.

E. Frey.

The Swiss Federal Council to Mr. Bayard.

Mr. Minister: We have the honor to inform your excellency that the ratifications of the convention for the establishment of an international union for the protection [Page 1543] of literary and artistic works were exchanged at Berne on the 5th day of September, 1887, by the representatives of Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Hayti, Italy, Switzerland, and Tunis.

According to the provisions of article 20 the convention went into operation three months after the exchange of the ratifications; that is to say, on the 5th day of December, 1887. The bureau of the international union for the protection of literary and artistic works, for which provision is made in article 16, has been in operation since January 1, 1888. The union may, consequently, be considered as regularly established.

According to article 18 of the convention countries that have not yet become parties to the convention, but whose laws secure protection of the rights which form the subject thereof, are to be allowed to accede thereto at their request, and it will be sufficient for that purpose for notice of their accession to be given in writing to the Swiss federal council.

In bringing the foregoing to your excellency’s knowledge, we hope your country will soon join the union for the protection of literary and artistic works, the object of which is to protect beyond the national frontiers rights which, in the majority of countries, are regarded as sacred.

We avail, etc.

In the name of the Swiss Federal Council.

  • Hertenstein,
    The President of the Confederation,
  • Ringier,
    The Chancellor of the Confederation.