No. 1048.
Mr. Frey to Mr. Bayard.


Mr. Secretary of State: The undersigned, minister of the Swiss Confederation, has the honor, by direction of his Government, to transmit you the inclosed note from it, and avails, etc.,

E. Frey.

The Swiss Federal Council to Mr. Bayard.

Mr. Minister: We have the honor to inform your excellency that when the international convention of September 9, 1886, for the protection of literary and artistic works went into operation, we decided to place under one management the international bureau of industrial property, now existing at Berne, and the new international bureau, with the organization of which we are charged by the aforesaid convention. By this measure, which leaves the spheres of action of the two bureaus entirely distinct, we wished to satisfy the desires of several countries belonging to the international unions. It will easily render it possible, in view of the great analogy existing between industrial property and literary and artistic property, to effect a large saving in the management and to reduce to a minimum the share which is payable by each of the contracting states.

Having thought that under the present circumstances the appointment of a director on the same footing as those of the international bureaus of posts and telegraphs was not indispensable, we have just designated Mr. Henri Morel, a national councilor and former president of the federal assembly, to fill the office of secretary-general of the two bureaus until they shall be definitely organized by the appointment of a director. Mr. B. Frey-Godet, who has hitherto been secretary of the international bureau of industrial property, has been appointed second secretary of the two bureaus, and it will be his duty to sign in the absence of the secretary-general. Federal Councillor Droz is to have the superintendence-in-chief of the management of these bureaus.

Hoping that this action will meet with the approval of your Government as a member of the union for the protection of industrial property, we avail, etc.

In the name of the Swiss Federal Council.

  • Hertenstein,
    The President of the Confederation.
  • Ringier,
    The Chancellor of the Confederation.