No. 914.
Mr. Pratt to Mr. Bayard.

No. 237.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch No. 236, diplomatic series, of the 23d instant, I have the honor to report that I have received from the minister for foreign affairs an official copy of the Imperial firman, issued by his majesty the Shah, guarantying the protection of life and property to his subjects throughout the Empire, a translation of which document, with that of the note of the foreign office accompanying it,* I herewith respectfully submit for your consideration with the request; since such the minister has given me to understand is the Shah’s special desire in the premises, that the Department cause the said decree to be published throughout the United States.

I am, etc.,

E. Spencer Pratt.
[Inclosure in No. 237—Translation.]

Firman of his Imperial Majesty the Shah.

Being by the will of Almighty God at the head of justice in my country, and by His will the lives and property of this people having been intrusted to my keeping I have deemed it my duty in praise of the God all-powerful, and in recognition of His munificence, to hinder those who would lay hands upon this trust to me confided, and to do all that lies within my power in order that my subjects may be secured in the enjoyment of life and property, so that tranquilly and in peace they may engage in all pursuits tending in the direction of civilization and acquirement of fortune.

This firman is proclaimed to the whole of Persia in order that all the people may know that the present edict accords to them the protection of life and property with full liberty to dispose of what is theirs, and the right to acquire wealth, to form companies, to establish manufactures, to make roads, and indeed to do all things tending to promote civilization and their own and the public welfare.

To see these ends accomplished will cause me great personal satisfaction. Also am I ready to do you justice, and stand myself as guarantor for the security of your interests.

No one in Persia shall have the right to lay hands upon you, to confiscate what is yours, nor to punish you without recourse to the divine or common law of the land.

  1. Not printed herewith.