No. 85.
Mr. Hall to Mr. Bayard.

No. 763.]

Sir: With reference to my dispatch No. 748, of the 6th ultimo, and to other correspondence therein mentioned relating to the claim of the Government of Italy against that of Salvador, I have to inform the Department that Señor Magliano, chargé d’affaires of Italy in Central [Page 108] America, has received instructions to proceed to Salvador and endeavor to effect an equitable and friendly settlement. He has also solicited my good offices with the Government of Salvador, which it would be quite impossible to render from here.

I therefore telegraphed you on the 3d instant, conveying the Italian minister’s request and asking instructions, and received last evening your reply, dated the 5th instant, instructing me that, if both parties joined in requesting my impartial good offices, I might visit Salvador for that purpose.

Señor Magliano will leave here for that Republic, overland, on the 9th, and will arrive at the capital about the 18th instant. I have informed the Salvadorian Government of his proposed departure and of the object of his visit, and have placed my good offices at its disposal, should the same be required. I shall probably leave here for La Libertad, Salvador, either on the 17th or 22d instant by steamer.

I have, etc.,

Henry C. Hall.