No. 655.
Mr. Thompson to Mr. Bayard.

No. 205.]

Sir: The provisional government has formed a ministry as follows:

Boisrond Canal, president: S. Thélémaque, minister of war and navy; C. Archin, minister of the interior; S. U. St. Armand, minister of finance and of commerce; F. D. Légitime, minister of foreign relations and of worship; E. Claude, minister of justice and of public instruction; Hyppolite, minister of agriculture and of the police.

The formation of the provisional ministry is looked upon as indicative of certain success to the northern candidate in the presidential race, as it is said of the six portfolios those of the interior, finance, and agriculture are in favor of Séide Thélémaque as president, while he is in control of the army and navy.

The U. S. S. Galena, Commander Chester, arrived here Friday evening, the 31st ultimo.

I have, sir, etc.,

John E. W. Thompson.