No. 643.
Mr. Thompson to Mr. Bayard.

No. 194.]

Sir: Tuesday night, of the 10th instant, the carriage-house of General Brenor Prophète, ex-minister of war and marine, situated almost directly opposite to my residence at Turgeau, was totally destroyed by the work of an incendiary between 11 and 12 o’clock.

The day previous a man named Romulus Romain, alleged to have been caught in the act of putting fire to a building, was arrested by the police, and after an interrogation, shot by the soldiers. It is now said he was an innocent man. The fact is, before any one was even imprisoned since these past fires occurred every one blamed President Salomon as being too lenient; now they blame him for executing the above named, and also for imprisoning those suspected; no matter what he does now, he is harshly criticised.

Two regiments were sent for by the Government from the north, one from Gonaïves and the other from St. Marc, and at this writing are marching through the city to the quarters assigned to them, having arrived by the Haytian corvette Dessalines.

The discontented now demand that President Salomon shall revoke his private secretary, who is also secretary to the cabinet; the President accepted General Jeanty’s resignation as commander of the arrondissement on demand from certain people, and if he accedes now to the popular demand for the dismissal of his secretary they will certainly clamor for further concessions.

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The discourse of the President at his public audience yesterday has been distorted to cause rancor to enter into the hearts of many who have until now remained calm; public opinion here is unfortunately for a change, and, by reports from other cities, I fear, like a malignant disease, dissatisfaction is spreading.

I have, etc.,

John E. W. Thompson.