No. 638.
Mr. Thompson to Mr. Bayard .

No. 191.]

Sir: In direct opposition to what he said a few days previously (dispatch No. 188, inclosure No. 2) President Salomon, on the 25th ultimo, accepted the resignation of General Jeanty commander of the arron-dissement of Port au Prince, and appointed in his place General Herard Laforest, who was commander of the place, and who has been succeeded by General Camille Molière. The general of the port has been removed, and General Duplessis appointed to that office.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights passed; a few shots were fired from different parts of the city; on Friday a proclamation was published about the city from the secretary of the interior (copy, with translation, herein inclosed, marked respectively A and B), and since then a remarkable quietness that seems abnormal has settled over the city, interrupted only by occasional stampedes at the market places and on the streets, where reports have been circulated that at a certain hour a movement against the Government was to be made.

I have, etc.,

John E. W. Thompson.
[Inclosure iu No. 191.—Translation]

order of the day.

The speculators, who are accustomed to seek their fortune in civil troubles, and who can not resign themselves to gain their living by honest labor, have recommenced, since a few days, their criminal campaign against the public peace. To assist in the success of their absurd propagandas, that have remained without effect up to this moment (thanks to the good sense of the people), but they have conceived to throw uneasiness in the minds of families by the firing of shots at night at intervals in different quarters of the city.

The Government, that has sworn to maintain peace, and which does not know how to back down before its duty, will not hesitate to take all proper measures to foil this infamous calculation and to re-assure the population; but it is strong enough to warn before it strikes.

In consequence, every individual who, under any pretext whatever, fires a shot at night or day in any part whatever of the city shall be immediately arrested and delivered over for judgment to the special military council, and punished with all the rigor with which the law arms the Government for the safeguard of the public order.

The secretary of state, of interior, and the general of police.

M. Montasse .