No. 631.
Mr. Thompson to Mr. Bayard.

No. 185.]

Sir: I have to inform you of the arrival on the 4th instant of the U. S. S. Yantic, Commander O. F. Heyerman.

H. M. S. Tourmaline, Captain Biles, and H. M. S. Wrangler arrived the 2d instant; the former left here the day following.

I take this opportunity to inform you that the two rival aspirants as President Salomon’s successor, Senator Légitime and Deputy Manigat, after considerable negotiation with this Government, were each given vessels to convey them from Hayti, the former going to Kingston, Jamaica, the latter to Santiago de Cuba; the Deputy Manigat, it is said, accepted $5,000 from the Government to defray his expenses, but Senator Légitime refused to accept anything. They departed at the same hour June 2.

The situation for the moment is apparently quiet, but the majority of the people seem to feel that the end has not yet been reached.

I write this hurriedly to send by the Yantic, en route to-morrow a.m. for Santiago de Cuba for coaling, and will report in full by the next mail.

I have, etc.,

John E. W. Thompson.