No. 628.
Mr. Thompson to Mr. Bayard.

No. 161.]

Sir: It is now reported here that in pursuance of a law passed by the Legislature and sanctioned by the President of Hayti, the contract passed between the Government of Hayti and the Count d’Oksza, who has obtained the concession to lay a submarine cable between the Mole St. Nicholas and Santiago de Cuba, has been sanctioned, and he is to commence his labors in that direction by Christmas.

The cable is to connect with a line of telegraphy from, the Mole St. Nicholas to the capital and other important cities in Hayti, and also to be continued to the Dominican frontier. The concession is granted for sixty years.

I inclose herein, marked A and B, respectively, copy and translation of the law as published in Le Moniteur of December 10, 1887.

I have, etc.,

John E. W. Thompson.
[Inclosure in No. 161.—Translation.]

Law hearing on the sanctioning of a contract for the establishment of a submarine cable.

Salomon, President of Hayti:

Considering that it imports to place the country in rapid communication with the nations of Europe, the two Americas, and the other Antilles by submarine cable in view of facilitating our political and commercial relations;

Considering that it imports to join together the principal cities of the Republic by [Page 884] a line of telegraph that shall be stretched to the Dominican frontier on the proposition of the secretary of state of the interior, and from the advice of the council of the secretaries of state;

Has proposed, and the legislative body has voted, the following law:

  • Article 1. Is and remains sanctioned the hereto annexed contract, passed between the Government of Hayti, represented by Mr. Etienne Charles Laforesterie, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the Republic of Hayti near the Government of the French Republic, and Mr. the Count d’Oksza, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor of Isabella the Catholic of the Conception, etc., etc., who has the concession of several telegraphic, lines in Europe, Africa, and America, residing at Paris, No. 22 rue Beaune, for the establishment and working of one or more submarine cables, joining Hayti to Santiago de Cuba by the Mole St. Nicholas.
  • Article 2. The present law abrogates all laws or provisions of laws that may be contrary thereto, and shall be executed at the diligence of the secretaries of state of the interior and of finance and commerce.

Given at the National Palace of Port-au-Prince October 28, 1887, eighty-fourth year of the Independence.


By the President:

The secretary of state of the interior,


The secretary of state of finance and of commerce,

C. Fouchard.