No. 450.
Mr. Pendleton to Mr. Bayard.

No. 589.]

Sir: In execution of the telegraphic instruction of the President received from you the 10th instant, I had the honor to address at once to Count Bismarck a note of which within is a copy. This morning I received a reply dated the 10th instant, of which I send also copy of the original and translation.

I have, etc.,

Geo. H. Pendleton.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 589.]

Mr. Pendleton to Count Bismarck.

F. O. 341.]

The undersigned, envoy, etc., of the United States of America, is instructed by the President of the United States to make known to His Majesty the Emperor and King, in the most feeling and fitting terms, that the death of the late illustrious and venerable Emperor of Germany has deeply aroused the sorrow and sympathy of the whole people of the United States and of their Government.

The undersigned, while expressing personally his sincere participation in this sentiment, avails himself, etc.

Geo. H. Pendleton .
[Inclosure 2 in 589.—Translation.]

Count Bismarck to Mr. Pendleton.

The undersigned has had the honor to receive the esteemed note of to-day, wherein Mr. Pendleton expresses the heartfelt sympathy of the President of the United States and of the American people in the death of the deceased Emperor William.

The undersigned has not failed to inform His Majesty the now reigning Emperor of the warm words in which the friendly disposition of the President and his government for the Imperial house and the German people have been communicated.

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The Imperial minister in Washington has been instructed by telegraph to express to the Government of the United States sincere and hearty thanks for its sympathy in the deep sorrow which oppresses all Germany.

Whilst the undersigned permits himself to thank kindly the envoy for the expression of his personal feelings, he avails himself, etc.

H. Biskmarck .