No. 36.
Mr. Lambert Tree to Mr. Bayard.

No. 331.]

Sir: Again referring to your No. 97, of the 30th of January last, relative to the imitation by persons in Belgium of gold coins of the United States and of postage stamps, etc., I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of a projet of law presented by the Government here to the Chamber of Representatives, and also the exposé des motifs* accompanying it, which is signed by the minister of justice.

It appears to be true, as I surmised in my No. 321, that no law at present exists on the subject, and the projet now offered in the Chamber is intended to cure omissions in legislation and to remedy the evils of which the Secretary of the Treasury complains in his letter to you of the 21st of January last, a copy of which was inclosed in your number 97.

The proposed Belgian law seems to prohibit most of the imitations to which attention has been directed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

I am not aware of any opposition in Parliament to the passage of such a law, and think it altogether probable that the projet herewith inclosed will be adopted without modification.

It is barely possible that it may not be reached at this session, which will terminate about the 15th of this month. If not, there is no doubt that it will be next winter. If it becomes a law at this session I will not fail to advise you of the fact.

I have, etc.,

Lambert Tree.
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