No. 343.
Mr. Anderson to Mr. Bayard.

No. 216.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that your telegram, bearing no date but probably sent on Saturday, March 17, acknowledging the receipt of my dispatch JN o. 210, and stating that a higher petroleum test than now exists in England, Germany, and Sweden would seriously cripple American exports to Denmark, has been received. I have made no delay in communicating its contents to the minister of foreign affairs.

Referring to my dispatch No. 210, I would state that the committee therein mentioned have since reported in favor of an amendment to the bill raising the fire-test to 40° Celsius.

As no appropriation bill has been passed by the Rigsdag as yet, it will be found necessary to prorogue that body before April 1. in order that a provisional budget may be issued before the beginning of a new fiscal year, and under these circumstances no petroleum legislation will be consummated during the present session. The next session of the Rigsdag opens in October next.

I have, etc.,

R. B. Anderson.