No. 322.
Mr. Anderson to Mr. Bayard.

No. 156.]

Sir: Last Thursday I was informed of a movement on the part of the German Government, which seems to be the beginning of an attempt on the part of Germany to influence or compel Denmark to exclude American pork. The fact is, that much American pork is at present imported into Denmark where, after its arrival, it is repacked and shipped to Germany as a Danish product. A few days ago representations were made to the Danish Government through the German minister in Copenhagen that several cases of trichinosis in Hamburg had [Page 476] been traced to tbe eating of pork imported from Denmark and claimed to have been an American article. The German Government desires to know whether American pork is admitted in Denmark. Thus the matter rests for the present, but I have the best reason to believe that the intention is to request Denmark to exclude American pork. I shall not fail to report any further developments. While reports of trichinosis are frequent from Germany, I am able to state that not a single case has been known in Denmark since my arrival here, two and a half years ago.

But in Denmark the pork is thoroughly cooked before it is eaten, while the Germans eat it raw.

I have, etc.,

B. B. Anderson.