No. 267.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Shu Cheon Pon.

Sir: I beg leave to acknowledge your note, dated yesterday, in which you inform me that although the treaty signed and concluded at this capital on the 12th of March last, between the United States and China, seems to meet the views of your Government as to its general purpose, yet it causes dissatisfaction to the Chinese people, and that there are three certain points in the treaty which the Chinese Government regards it necessary should be reconsidered and which by the instruction of your minister you set forth in your note and bring to my notice.

I am much pleased to learn by your note that the minister expected to sail from Peru to-day for this country, and that we may expect his return to this capital in the course of three weeks. His presence here will be assuredly welcomed, and I trust that he will renew the duties of his high office in good health, and continue in those relations to this Department which have always been so cordial and harmonious.

Accept, sir, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.