No. 266.
Mr. Shu Cheon Pon to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that I am in receipt of a cablegram from Lima from the minister of China, Chang Yen Hoon, to the effect that there are three points in the pending treaty which the Chinese Government regards it is necessary to reconsider with your Government, and which the minister instructs me to bring to your notice without delay.

  • First. Though the two Governments seem to agree on the general purpose of the treaty, it causes dissatisfaction to the Chinese people. It would seem well, therefore, to take into consideration the question of some reduction of the period of suspension of the coming of the laborers into the United States.
  • Second. Article 2 of the treaty, generally speaking, is satisfactory, but it would be necessary to permit every Chinese laborer who had returned to China from the United States before the signing of this new treaty, and who has property in the United States, to report the fact to the Chinese consul so that he may be enabled to return to the United States under a certificate granted him.
  • Third. There ought to be a provision for the return of Chinese laborers who have property in the United States of the value of less than $1,000.

The Chinese minister sails from Callao on the 26th instant, and will be back in Washington in twenty-two or twenty-three days. As the relations between your excellency and the Chinese minister in the transaction of official business has always been cordial and harmonious I hope that some satisfactory conclusion will be reached after his return.

Accept, sir., etc.,

Shu Cheon Pon.