No. 261.
Mr. Bayard to Chung Jen Hoon.

Dear Mr. Minister: Complying with your verbal request made in an interview to-day, I have now the pleasure to hand you a full copy of the treaty in which the two amendments added by the. Senate are contained, and noted upon the margin.*

I agree with you that these two amendments do not change or add to the force and effect of the original text of the treaty as signed by us, but it will be necessary to have them formally accepted on behalf of your Government and noted in our certificate of exchange of ratification.

The delay thus caused by the Senate amendments is to be regretted, but the action of that body is independent and co-ordinate and must be so accepted.

I inclose the printed copy of the treaty, with the amendments noted in red ink, and I am,

Very truly, yours,

T. F. Bayard.
  1. For text of treaty, as amended, see Document No. 260, ante, page 396.