No. 255.
Mr. Chang Yen Hoon to Mr. Bayard.

Sir.: In the interview which I had the honor to hold with you on the 29th ultimo, in response to your polite note of the 24th ultimo, you requested that I should send you a copy of the statement of claims, which I left with you during the interview, with a list of those which were based upon losses of uncollected debts.

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In compliance with your request I have great pleasure in transmitting the accompanying statement, which I hope may be found to meet your desires.

It will be noted that the statement includes a claim on account of the twenty-eight lives lost at the Rock Springs riot in 1885. When the estimate for property losses was sent to you with the note of my predecessor of November 30, 1885, it was hoped that due punishment would be inflicted upon the wicked men who so cruelly murdered the Chinese subjects in that horrible affair, and thus their relatives would have the satisfaction of knowing that some atonement had been made, and for which punishment I have in my notes made repeated requests. But since not a single one of the murderers has been punished, it seems highly just that some compensation should be made to the families of the unfortunate men, and I know so well your high sense of justice and kindness of heart that I am satisfied you will recognize this claim as well founded.

With this new opportunity, I repeat, etc.,

Chang Yen Hoon.
[Inclosure l.]

statement of claims.

I.—Property losses.

In note of April 5, 1886:
Squak Valley, Washington Territory $535.65
Coal Creek Mine, Washington Terrritory 4,054.88
Almy, Wyoming Territory 6,064.70
In note of August 11, 1886:
Anaconda, Montana Territory 3,000.00
In note of February 19, 1887:
Tacoma. Washington Territory—
Losses in the town 106,919.60
Losses in the vicinity 7,530.65
In note of February 19, 1887:
Settle, Washington Territory—
Losses as stated in inclosure accompanying note $143,851.87
Deducting claims based upon uncollected debts, as per statement attached hereto 35,337.60
There remains in the Seattle claim 108,514.27
In note of February 25, 1887:
Juneau, Alaska Territory. No detailed estimate of losses yet filed. About 100 Chinese were expelled. Estimating $100 each for property losses and expenses of journey to San Francisco and elsewhere would amount to 10,000.00
In note of February 15, 1886:
A statement of riots at Bloom field, Redding, Boulder Creek, Eureka, and other towns in California, involving murder, arson, robbery, and expulsion, but no estimates. Also a statement that near 100,000 Chinese had been driven from their homes.
Total of property losses, as estimated 246,619.75

II.—Loss of lives.

In note of November 30, 1885:
Rock Springs, Wyoming Territory. Number of lives lost in riot, besides 16 wounded 28
In note of April 5. 1886:
Squak Valley, Washington Territory. Number of lives lost (and 4 wounded) 3
Orofino, Idaho Territory. Number of lives lost 5
In note of August 11, 1886:
Anaconda, Montana Territory. Number of lives lost 4
In note of February 16, 1888:
Snake River, Oregon. Number of lives reported lost 10
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If the Snake River murders are omitted, of which no accurate information is yet received, there remain 40 lives of Chinese by riots and violence for which no compensation has yet been made. If the indemnity paid by Spain to the United States in the Virginius case is accepted, $2,500 as the lowest sum, there would result a claim for $100,000. Add as above, property losses, $246,619.75; grand total, $346,619.75.

[Inclosure 2.]

statement as to claims for uncollected debts.

These only appear in the Seattle claims (see note February 19, 1887).
The first on the list is the claim of Wa Chong & Co. for $67,042.10. In examining the detailed items on file in the Chinese legation there appears of this sum for uncollected debts $17,042.14
The others in the list as follows:
Tong yu Chong 8,477.95
Kwong Chong 2,568.91
OnTai 2,797.25
Hong Fong Low 1,489.70
Yeong Kee 333.10
Kow Kee 428.55
Sory Woh (total of this claim is $5,321.35. Deduct losses in goods, $3.121.35) 2,200.00
Total for uncollected debts 35,337.60