No. 11.
Mr. Hanna to Mr. Bayard.

No. 154.]

Sir: The recent abolition of African slavery in Brazil has caused great elation and joy throughout the Argentine Republic. It was made [Page 13] the occasion of a Presidential proclamation, appointing last Thursday, May 17, a national holiday—au opportunity for public rejoicing, which was very generally observed throughout the nation. In Buenos Ay res a vast civic procession proceeded to the Brazilian legation, where an address of congratulation was presented by the venerable General Metre on behalf of the Argentine Republic, and a reply elicited from Baron Alencar, the diplomatic agent of Brazil now stationed here.

On the evening of the same day the vast Plaza Victoria, the cathedral, and the government house were magnificently illuminated, and the cabinet, the foreign ministers, and the chief officers of the army and navy entertained by the President at the Colon theater. It was a notable day throughout, and now that the manacles of slavery have fallen from every human limb throughout all the Americas, the popular enthusiasm has been unbounded.

I have, etc.,

Bayless W. Hanna.