No. 77.
Mr. Borges to Mr. Evarts.

Mr. Secretary of State: Your excellency’s note of the 3d of July last, in reference to legislation concerning the crime of counterfeiting the paper money of foreign governments in the United States, contains a passage in which your excellency expressed a desire to be informed whether there is a law in Brazil providing for the punishment of this crime.

In reply I have the honor to state that provision is made in the criminal code of the empire for the punishment of the crime in question. The Imperial Government, to whose consideration I submitted the matter, is therefore able to guarantee the observance of the laws of the empire on this subject by way of reciprocity for any similar legislation that may be adopted in the United States.

Hoping that the present statement will be instrumental in bringing about the desired result in this important matter, I reiterate to your excellency the assurances of my highest consideration.