No. 64.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Pettis.

No. 13.]

Sir: Referring to my instruction No. 12, of the 23d instant, in regard to the intimation received that the Government of Bolivia has decreed the issue of letters of marque, with authority to privateers to seize Chilian property in neutral vessels, and that Bolivian agents are understood to have already departed for the United States, I now transmit for your information two copies of a circular issued by the Secretary of the Treasury under date of the 21st instant, instructing collectors of customs and others whom it may concern with respect to the observance of the neutrality laws of the United States in case of any possible attempt being made to infringe the same in behalf of either of the belligerentst

I am, &c.,


Copy of letter from the Secretary of State to the Secretary of the Treasury.

Copy of letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, and circular No. 101, June 21, 1879.