No. 47.
Mr. Goodloe to Mr. Evarts.

No. 56.]

Sir: The diplomatic relations between Belgium and Mexico which have been interrupted since the death of the Emperor Maximilian (the King’s brother-in-law) are on the point of being resumed. In the budget of the minister for foreign affairs just voted by the chambers was included [Page 90] a salary for an envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to the Republic of Mexico. A royal decree has just been promulgated, appointing the Baron Greindl as such minister. He has been in the diplomatic service and is considered here as an accomplished and learned gentleman. He is now awaiting orders, but informed me a few evenings since that he expected to start for his post of duty in May or June, and hoped to be able to go through the United States on his way.

At least a hope of reviving Belgian commerce (which has been falling off of late years) was, I think, the chief motive in creating this mission, and the proposed Mexican Exposition in 1880 gave a favorable occasion.

I shall very soon forward you some of the views held by Belgian statesmen in relation to the increase of the consular service, which they hope will be conducive, at no distant day, to an expansion of commerce, by the opening of new channels for Belgian products.

I have, &c.,