No. 43.
Mr. Kasson to Mr. Evarts.

No. 250.]

Sir: This government has demanded of the legislature a continuance of the military law for an additional term of ten years. As its burdens bear heavily on the people, the ministry seeks to convince the Reichsrath of its necessity by preventing in the motif of the bill a comparison with the military resources commanded by the other great Continental powers. From this exhibit I extract the following statement, which is the latest authentic information that has come under my observation. It presents a remarkable picture of the costly preparation of Europe for the ends of mutual destruction and mutual humiliation.

Permanent army. Landwehr. Reserve. Totals.
Russia, without irregular forces 1,689,000 600,000 2,289,000
Russia, with irregulars 2,446,800
France 1,215,000 300,000 300,000 1,815,000
France may be increased 1,208,000
Germany 1,076,200 307,200 620,900 2,004,300
Italy 698,000 254,200 423,100 1,375,300
Italy may be increased to 310,000 1,016,200
Austria-Hungary 800,000 299,318 95,000 1,194,318

According to this official declaration it appears that the five Continental powers, without reckoning the Landsturm, or remaining population capable of bearing arms, can put in the field under existing provisions of law 8,677,918 men, which number may be increased to 10,992,618 men.

The average of this latter number to each, power would be 2,198,523. Above the average are Russia and France; below it are Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary, the latter power making the smallest exhibit.

I have the honor to be, sir, your most obedient servant,