No. 491.
Mr. Caldwell to Mr. Evarts.

No. 41.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that this government has returned to a constitutional form by the action of Colonel Latorre. A legislature, duly chosen, assembled on the 15th of February. Dr. Vidal was chosen president of the Senate, and Señor Bustamente president of the House of Representatives. Colonel Latorre resigned his power into the hands of the president of the Senate, who remained in charge of the executive power until the 1st of March, on which day the legislature in general assembly unanimously elected Col. Lorenzo Latorre constitutional president for the term of four years.

President Latorre nominated the following cabinet: Don José M. Montero, jr., minister of interior; Dr. Albert Mendez, minister of foreign relations; Col. Edward Vasquez, minister of war and marine; Don Aurelio Berro, minister of finance.

The three first-named gentlemen occupied the same positions under the dictatorship.

I have, &c.,