No. 462.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Evarts.

No. 183.]

Sir: The Intelligentz Blatt of this morning contains a notice respecting the shipment of a pauper family by the communal authorities of Graben near Herzogenbuchsee, taken from the Zollinger Tagblatt, as follows:

Once more we are informed of a sweet shipment to America. The communal authorities of Graben near Herzogenbuchsee last week sent off a family, Brugger, in the most irresponsible manner to America. The man is unfit to work, and the family had to be assisted very recently by the commune. The woman is moreover half blind. A better indication of this barbarism is needless.

I have only this moment noticed this article and hasten to bring it to your notice. I regret that I have no means to verify the statement, and that I fear the individuals in question may have already landed.

I have, &c.,