No. 454.
Mr. Stevens to Mr. Evarts.

No. 42.]

Sir: The Swedish Diet has just completed the legislation increasing the custom duties on articles imported into this country, and the same is in force from this day, according to royal proclamation of this date. The increase has been made on the following articles, and the duties hereafter to be collected are represented by the annexed figures:

Ether and spirits of ether, or so-called Hoffman’s drops, various kinds of mixtures and preparations of ether, acetic ether, cognac, rum and arrack, essence or oil, also fruit ether, 3 crowns per kanna. (The kanna is about ½ of an English gallon.)

Rum and spirits in casks: Of grain, potatoes, or other roots, per kanna: Of arrack made from rice, sugar, or grapes, containing 50 per cent. of alcohol, 1 crown and 50 öre.

When the said rum or spirits is made in France and is imported directly by sea, 1 kanna containing 50 per cent. alcohol will be required to pay a duty of 1 crown and 15 öre.

Rum or spirits made of other fruits, containing 50 per cent of alcohol, will pay 1 crown and 50 öre per kanna.

In bottles or jugs, all kinds of rum or spirits, without regard to ratio of alcohol, will pay 2 crowns and 30 öre per kanna.

Coffee, 11 öre per pound.

Sugar, all kinds of refined, such as loaf, candied, cake, also crushed and pulverized, per cwt., 14 crowns.

Sugar, unrefined, in color not darker than Kb. 18 of the Holland standard used in commerce, of which the normal test is held by the [Page 959] general custom-house administration at the disposal of the custom-houses concerned, per cwt., 14 crowns.

Sugar darker than the above-mentioned standard, also if merchandise comes in a dissolved or liquid state, per cwt., 10 crowns.

Tobacco: Raw, leaf, and stalk, per pound, 42 öre; manufactured, cigars, cigarettes, per pound, 1 crown and 30 öre; cut, per pound, 50 öre; ground or powdered, per pound, 50 öre; folded, twisted, pressed, per pound, 50 öre; blocks or corots, per pound, 55 öre.

Wines all kinds, containing 21 per cent. or less of alcohol, in casks, per pound, 7 öre.

Wines all kinds, 21 per cent. or less of alcohol, in bottles, per kanna, 55 öre.

Wines containing more than 21 per cent. of alcohol, in casks, per pound, 20 öre; in bottles, per kanna, 2 crowns.

Vinegar all kinds, per pound, 8 öre.

The excise duties on the following articles have been raised to the annexed figures: Swedish brandy, pure, 1 crown per kanna; Swedish brandy, second class, 1 crown per kanna.

When said brandy is exported the excise duty is refunded in full, and at the ratio of 1 crown and 2 öre per kanna when it has been purified.

The provision relating to refunding the excise in case of exportation goes into effect October 1, 1879.

In every case where pound is used in this communication, the Swedish pound, or 94 of the English or American pound is meant, and the kanna signifies 2.3 imperial quarts, American or English standard.

The above changes in the custom duties are in force from this date in Norway as well as Sweden.

I have, &c.,