No. 435.
Mr. Sickels to Mr. Payson.

No. 103.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform the Department that two official dispatches have been received at this consulate during the past week, of a nature which would seem to demand a special report to the Department.

The first covers a letter from the Supreme King of Siam, incased in royal-purple satin, and addressed to Ex-President Grant, containing (I am advised) an invitation from His Majesty to that gentleman to visit his kingdom as the guest of the government.

The second is in reference to the proposed dispatch to the United States of an embassy from this country.

Translated the dispatch reads:

His Majesty the King of Siam has commanded me to state for your information, that in regard to arrangements for sending an embassy to America, the Government of Siam have held a consultation upon it (i. e., have concluded to send it). When the details have been fully arranged, the Sennabodi (Grand Council of State) will give notice to the consul as to the time of leaving, that appropriate preparations may be made by both parties.

I have, &c.,