No. 433.
Mr. Hoffman to Mr. Evarts.

No. 150.]

Sir: Referring to my correspondence with the department upon the subject of the claim of Mr. Calvocoressi to compensation for injury done [Page 927] to his property at San Stefano by the Russian troops, I have the honor to inclose to you herewith copy of note received from Baron Jomini upon this subject, together with a translation of the same. In accordance with the instruction contained in your No. 64, I shall, in a few days, address a note to Baron Jomini urging Mr. Calvocoressi’s claim as one of equity.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 150.—Translation.]

Baron Jomini to Mr. Hoffman.

Sir: In reply to your note of 29th August, 1879, concerning the claim of the American citizen Calvocoressi, on account of damage done him by the Russian troops in Turkey, I have the honor to inform you that according to the principles of international law, injuries done to private property are excusable when military operations require it, and that in general, the person who has suffered from war should consider himself the victim of a scourge of nature, such as hail, inundation, &c.

International law, besides, recognizes no difference between the state of things created by war, and the occupation of the enemy’s territory. Consequently no obligation to indemnify private individuals for losses occasioned during the war, or the occupation of the enemy’s territory, can result to the imperial government.

Receive, sir, &c.,