No. 421.
Mr. Hoffman to Mr. Evarts.

No. 90.]

Sir: After closing my dispatch to you, No. 89, of this date, I received from Prince Gortchakoff a note in answer to mine of this morning, conveying the congratulations of the President and people of the United States to the Emperor on his providential escape. I have the honor to enclose a translation of this note.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure with No. 90.—Translation.]

Prince Gortchakoff to Mr. Hoffman.

Sir: I did not fail to bring to the knowledge of His Majesty the Emperor the letter you addressed to me with the object of making known to His Majesty the expression of the congratulations and good wishes of the President and people of the United States of America on the occasion of the attempt on his life, from which he has so providentially escaped.

I am expressly charged, by the order of my august master, to beg you to transmit to the President and to your compatriots, and to receive for yourself the thanks of His Majesty for this expression of cordial sympathy.

I take this occasion, &c.