No. 30.
Mr. Kasson to Mr. Evarts.

No. 173.]

Sir: An official summary of the commercial movement for the year 1878 has been published. It shows a total value of imports of 579,547,828 florins, or in round numbers $278,000,000, and a total value of exports of 698,302,513 florins, or in round numbers of $335,000,000, Thus the balance of trade appears to have been in favor of Austria-Hungary by about $57,000,000 for the year 1878.

The increase of imports over the amount reported for the year 1877 is 24,320,780 florins. The increase of exports is 36,270,309 florins.

These results indicate an amelioration of the financial condition of the empire and of its people.

I have, &c.,