No. 259.
Mr. Langston to Mr. Evarts.

No. 188.]

Sir: I have the honor to advise you that so far quiet and order prevail in this city, and throughout the country.

Provision has already been made for the organization of a temporary [Page 580] government by the appointment of five persons who are to wield certainly all the power of the national executive. In the appointment of this commission the five departments of the country are supposed to be represented, the North, the Northwest, the Artibonite, the West, and the South. Its composition is said to be non-partisan, and its members are said to be judicious and reliable men; and while there is not entire satisfaction shown in connection with its composition, the probability is that the country will accept the arrangement thus established, and the defeated parties, those upon whom the responsibility of the inauguration of the late rebellion rests, will be compelled to yield a silent submission.

The persons who compose the “Gouvernement Provisoire” are: General Hériston Hérrissé, commander-in-chief of the revolutionary forces; General T. S. Sam, of Cape Haytien; Démoléus Serre, of Port de Paix; Joseph Lamothe, of Port au Prince) M. Douylon, of Aux Cayes.

It is also reported that Messrs. Audain, Margron, Alexis, and Fouchard, have been selected as sécrétaires de conseil. If this be true—and it is altogether probable—the new order of things moves off with no little promise of general success.

The gentlemen of the conseil are men well known in the country, and sustain good reputations for wisdom and moderation.

I am, &c.,