No. 191.
Mr. Welsh to Mr. Evarts.

No. 247.]

Sir: I have great pleasure in complying with the request of J. R. Hind, esq., F. R. S. and F. R. A. S., foreign secretary of the Royal Astronical Society, expressed in a letter to the secretary of this legation, a copy of which is herewith inclosed, and to send by the dispatch-bag to-day the box stated to contain the gold medal therein mentioned.

I presume that the society have already communicated in a more formal way to Professor Hall their courteous action in this matter.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in dispatch No. 247.]

Sir: I take the liberty of addressing you in my capacity of foreign secretary of the Royal Astronomical Society. The council of the society have awarded their gold medal to Prof. Asaph Hall, Naval Observatory, Washington, for his discovery of the satellites of Mars, and I am requested by our President Lord Lindsay to ask if, in order to insure the safe delivery of the medal to Professor Hall, you could conveniently forward it to Washington. Should you be able to do the society this favor, the medal shall be left at the United States legation immediately.

I have, &c.,


The Secretary of the United States Legation.