No. 142.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Cramer.

No. 273.]

Sir: The treaties of extradition which have been thus far concluded between the United States and the countries of Europe embrace, with but five exceptions, the entire continent. For more than twenty years past, this government has shown its appreciation of the international benefits to be derived from the widest possible extension of the system of extradition; and, by gradually narrowing the circle of the States with which no conventions exist to that end, the exceptions to the rule are, year by year, brought into greater prominence. Among them, Denmark is regarded as especially deserving of attention. The geographical position of that country, and its accessibility by land from the territory of Germany, and by sea by the lines of steam communication between its ports and those of the neighboring countries, are likely in the absence of a treaty of extradition to commend it as an asylum for fugitives from the justice of the United States.

It; is thought that, in the interest of the repression of crime, the conclusion of a treaty of extradition between the United States and Denmark would be of mutual advantage to the two countries. You are requested, therefore, to sound the government of His Majesty the King, with a view to ascertaining whether it is disposed to enter upon negotiations for such a convention. Discreet and judicious arguments in favor of such a course will, doubtless, readily suggest themselves to you as likely to produce a favorable impression upon the minds of the enlightened statesmen who rule the councils of Denmark. Should you find them inclined to welcome the suggestion, you may inform them of the scope of the conventions already concluded by this government with other foreign powers. Copies of two recent conventions of extradition are herewith transmitted for examination, if desired.

An early report from you will be awaited with interest, and if, as is hoped, it shall prove favorable, the necessary powers and instructions will be sent to enable you to conclude and sign a treaty.

I am, &c.,