No. 126.
Mr. Evarts to Mr. Dichman.

No. 26.]

Sir: I transmit herewith for your information copy of correspondence recently had with Her Britannic Majesty’s representative at this capital in relation to the Colombian law requiring the deposit of the registers of foreign vessels with the customs officers of the port entered.

This correspondence took place before your No. 26, of the 14th of December last, was received and examined. Although not taken into consideration, the circumstance now known from your later dispatch, that the Colombian Congress has recently legislated in favor of the enforcement of the law, the main object of that correspondence, remains unchanged. You are accordingly authorized to consult with those of your colleagues representing the maritime powers whose interests are touched by this exceptional legislation, with a view to making the concurrent action looking to its modification as harmonious and efficacious as may be possible.

While the representations made may be coincident, it is not expected that you will necessarily join in any identic or joint remonstrance, but will present the case in favor of this country, fortified by all pertinent arguments.

Your No. 26 has been separately answered in an instruction of this date.

I am, &c.,