Mr. Eliot to Mr. Knight.

Dear Sir: I have read with great interest the letter you addressed to me touching the opportunities which China would offer to educated young Americans who had acquired a knowledge of Chinese. Your plan of raising money to maintain a native teacher of Chinese at the university for a period of years, commends itself very much to my judgment, and your efforts to this end will have my most cordial support.

In the public service of China, in our consular service, and in the practice of law and engineering there, I see profitable and honorable opportunities for ambitious and capable young men who will prepare themselves for success by acquiring some familiarity with the spoken and written language of China.

At the last meeting of our corporation I laid the matter before the board, and they will be happy to do anything in their power to promote your undertaking.

The president and fellows will feel the need of help and guidance in so novel an educational enterprise, but they do not doubt that your zeal in directing and furthering the undertaking will be equal to your discernment and energy in starting it.

Believe me, &c.