Mr. Clayton to Mr. Lautrup.

In compliance with instructions this day received from the Hon. Richard Gibbs, United States minister to Peru, I have the honor to inform you that in accordance with the laws of the United States the vessel under your command, viz, the steamship Itata, though by paragraph 220 of the Consular Regulations is entitled to the protection of the authorities of the United States, she being the property of a citizen thereof, is not entitled to fly the flag of the United States.

I therefore officially request that the flag be hauled down, and not again hoisted in this port, or within this consular jurisdiction.

You are furthermore requested to send an authorized person to receive the papers now in my possession pertaining to said ship, with power to receipt for the same.

As I do not officially recognize her as an American ship, I must decline to clear her or to issue any papers to her whatsoever.

If you decline to comply with the provisions of this letter you must yourself be responsible for any complications which may arise.

Very respectfully, yours, &c.

United States Consul.