No. 90.
Mr. Williamson to Mr. Fish.

No. 84.]

Sir: I have the honor to say in reply to your No. 20, of date November 13, that I shall comply with your instructions with alacrity, as soon as it is possible for me to open diplomatic relations with a government in Honduras.

Up to the present time there has not been a day since I have been in Central America that a minister could travel to the capital of that unhappy state without incurring great risk of robbery or murder, or other personal violence; and also of having before him the probability of not [Page 135] finding a government either at the capital or elsewhere. I hope this painful anarchy may soon cease.

I have, &c.,


P. S.—Your letter contained my first intimation of the outrage upon the consulate, but to-day a dispatch, No. 298, dated November 12, reached me from Mr. Consul Follin, containing the particulars, and stating all the consulates had fared alike.

Your obedient servant,