No. 88.
Mr. Davis to Mr. Williamson.

No. 32.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 61, of the 27th ultimo, has been received.

Although some of the purposes for the proposed meeting of the Presidents of the Central American republics, adverted to in your conversation with President Barrios, of which you give an account, may be regarded as desirable and probably attainable, others, from our point of view at least, would not be deemed desirable, if attainable. This opinion is especially applicable to the restraints proposed in one state upon persons charged with or even suspected of revolutionary designs upon another.

It is hoped that in your dealings with the politicians in that quarter, particularly when it is borne in mind how frequently they and their schemes are changed, you will be careful to avoid committing yourself so that your usefulness in any event or the friendly disposition toward this Government might not be weakened.

I am, &c.,

Acting Secretary.