No. 84.
Mr. Williamson to Mr. Fish.

No. 76.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose you herewith copies of correspondence with the minister of foreign affairs of Nicaragua, in regard to the proposed sale of the American steamship Montijo to President Guardia, of Costa Rica. I expect to leave on the steamer to-day for Guatemala.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 76—Translation.]

Señor Rivas to Mr. Williamson.

Sir: From reliable reports, it has come to the knowledge of this government that the owner of the American steamship Montijo, registered in Panama, has come to Costa Rica for the purpose of selling her to President Guardia, who proposes to make of said ship an armed vessel, with intent to wage war against the allied republics of Central America.

The President of this republic directs me to communicate this fact to your excellency, and to ask you, if possible, to interfere in this transaction, which has for its end the object of disturbing the peace and prosperity Of these countries.

Not doubting that your excellency will deign to comply with the desires of my government, if within the scope of your powers,

I have, &c.,


Hon. Geo. Williamson,
Minister Resident of the United States in Central America.

[Page 130]
[Inclosure 2 in No. 76.]

Mr. Williamson to Señor Rivas.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your excellency’s note of the 21st ultimo, in which you inform me of the probable sale of the American steamer Montejo to the government of Costa Rica, and that said steamer is to be used for hostile purposes against the other allied states of Central America. Your excellency also asks my intervention in this affair. There is no law of the United States which prohibits the owner of the Montijo from selling her, and I have therefore no authority to interfere. But I am glad to be able to say to you, that my information is the sale is not likely to be consummated, and if it is that the Montijo is too small and too old a craft to be useful as a vessel of war. I am also happy to congratulate your excellency on the promised disappearance of the threatening clouds of war which seemed to hang over Central America. Doubtless you have learned from the government of Guatemala that I am en route to Costa Rica in the interests of peace. I shall take pleasure in advising you of the result.

I have the honor to be your excellency’s obedient servant,

  • Señor Don A. H. Rivas,
    Minister of Foreign Affairs, Managua, Nicaragua.